Best of SNO College Edition


What is this magical place?!

Best of SNO showcases the best student journalism from members of the SNO Network. Why? We believe in recognition and inspiration — by displaying exceptional work, we hope to inspire students with fresh ideas and new approaches to traditional news material.

We post new content daily, so we’re always on the lookout for great writing, original images and video, and whatever else you’ve got up your sleeve.

What are you looking for?

Simply put, we like good journalism–engaging, concise, and relevant. Stories should appeal to an audience beyond your school community. Whether local or global, stories should provide a larger context or demonstrate localized relevance and provoke discussion. Save “you,” “me,” and “I” for editorials and opinion pieces only. The writer should maintain authority and credibility.

Multimedia submissions should be original, engaging, appeal to a broader audience, and follow the standards identified by the SNO Distinguished Sites Multimedia Badge. That means, ideally, videos should be no longer than 150 seconds and spot photos should include full captions and be optimal size for best display.

It should go without saying that your work should be polished and error-free. Passive voice will not be looked kindly upon. Check your facts, attribute your quotes, and for the love of peanut butter, please don’t plagiarize.

Maybe most importantly, stories should stand out from the crowd. We get a ton of submissions about the same old stuff. What are you writing that’s new, exciting, weird, or maybe even a little crazy? Send us that.

How will I know if you really love me?

If we decide to publish your work, you’ll hear from us within a couple weeks–often sooner.

Got any fine print I should know about?

Yup. Best of SNO is curated and managed by School Newspapers Online. By submitting work to Best of SNO, you acknowledge that:

–School Newspapers Online may republish this work.

–Any necessary releases and/or licenses for use of photos, videos, and/or music have been secured.

–Work submitted is original, not plagiarized or fabricated.

–Best of SNO may edit your work for clarity and/or length.

Okay, okay, let me submit already!

  • Please insert paragraph breaks. If your submission is not in the form of a "story" (i.e., video/audio/image with no text), you can note that here and we'll view it on your site.
  • Image must be horizontally oriented, preferably 900x600px.

Showcasing great student journalism from members of the SNO Network